made from stoneware clay

Make great poached eggs quickly in the microwave!
You can also steam veggies in them!!!
I use one to hold my kosher salt too!

Basic Poached Egg Directions

1. Crack one egg into bowl of egg cooker, discard shell. (Yes someone did leave the shell in the egg cooker and blew the cover off!)
Do Not add water, Pam, butter, oil, etc., it will still come out the bowl just fine! Fat of any kind causes the microwaves to concentrate the heat in one area and may cause damage to any pottery you put in the microwave.

2. Replace cover. Microwave for approximately 30 seconds.
It takes 38 seconds in my microwave to get it just the way I like it and about 20 seconds in newer microwaves.

* Microwaves vary in power and egg size varies too, so play with it and you won't be disappointed!

* NO TURNTABLE in your microwave, then be sure you turn it 1/4 turn half way through the cooking time.

Microwave ovens do change over the years, so don't be surprised if at some point in time it takes longer to cook the egg.

* If you have a newer microwave - look to see what the watt/power is. Most recipes are written for 750 - 900 watt microwaves! If yours is over 900 watts you will probably need to cook your egg on 80% power or less, to get it to turn out right.

***Overcooking an egg makes it tough and rubbery, so take the time to get the cooking time and temp right!

For more cooking suggestions, see my recipe page!

Other colors available: Light Blue & Black
$17.00 per egg cooker







Poached Egg























Blue/Green - turns out Blue/Brown in some firings



























Also called a Butter Keeper!
Customers kept asking for these so I made one to try it and now my husband refuses to use anything else!

It is used to keep butter fresh without refrigeration. If you love butter but find it hard to keep it fresh at a spreadable temperature, this is what you need!

Put water in the base - the main dish - and this will create an airtight seal that keeps oxygen away from the butter or margarine (oxygen is what turns butter rancid). Your butter will stay soft and fresh!

When you want to serve the butter, the top part is flat to rest on the table.

Make sure you pack the butter into the lid.

Water should always be close to or touching the butter. Change the water every few days or so.

Water and butter (oil) will not mix so there is no problem with water getting into the butter. The holes on the sides of the butter container also help the water to stay in contact with the butter as you use it, therefore keeping it fresh.

(If your butter develops mold, add a pinch of salt to the water each time you change it. This doesn't affect the taste of your butter but inhibits mold development. This has never happened in mine.).

Variety of colors available - most of them are two-tone -see egg cookers and berry bowl to get an idea of the colors I use.
$25.00 each







I make and sell at my art shows a variety of mugs in assorted colors. They are usually 2-tone. If you are interested in certain colors, contact me to see what's in stock!

$20 to $25 each
















Berry bowls are becoming very popular as we all try to eat a healthier diet and include more fruit.

Finally here is a bowl where you can wash your fruit, put it on your table without having to worry about it dripping, and it looks great! Each bowl comes with its own small plate.

I use mine year-round and keep it full of berries or grapes, washed and ready to eat, on my counter or table. At night I put the whole thing into the frig.

Berry bowls come in two sizes
$25 - holds approx. 2 cups of berries
$40 - carved berry bowls
(These only come in a couple of colors.)

Colors: Berry Bowls are usually made in the same colors as the egg cookers.








Light Blue